Softly and quietly comes the season of hope.  Though the calendar tells
you to expect it, it will almost always surprise you.  You'll go to bed one
night to sharp and unrelenting shades of blue and gray and awaken to
bright and mellow shades of pink and gold.  The light seems different.
The world seems different.  And you'll know it's arrived, bringing with
it peace and love to visit for just a little while.  
-- Nancy Brister
There's a golden slant of morning so lovely to behold
that, when it comes, the landscapes listen and the
shadows hold their breath.  
-- Emily Dickinson
Christmas morning and outside the open window, the air is
dressed in golden light and awash with angels.  
-- Richard Wilbur
Never think of today's morning as the same as yesterday's.
See every golden morning as if for the first time, as you would
look on a newborn child who has no name.  
-- Rabindranath Tagore
This is the season of hope and light and, in honor of this, I will make
a special effort to greet each day with love in my heart.  
-- Og Mandino
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