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Spring in Central Park
Construction of New York City's Central Park took 15 years and 20,000 workers.
When it was completed in 1873, it boasted 25,000 trees, 7 bodies of water, 136 acres
of woods, 250 acres of lawns, 58 miles of walking paths and 36 bridges and arches.
The Park welcomes close to 40 million visitors annually, making it the most visited
urban park in the United States.  Someone once said that Spring almost anywhere
is beautiful, but Spring in Central Park is magical.  I believe that may very well
be true!  With two exceptions, the photos on this page were taken in Central Park.
-- Nancy
I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose, I would
always greet it in a garden.  -- Ruth Stout
The day God created hope was probably the same day
He created Spring.  -- Bern Williams
This year, I am going to try to pay attention to Spring.  I am going to
look around at the flowers and look up at the trees.  I am going to
close my eyes and listen to the birds.  -- Anne Lamott
Every Spring is the only Spring, a perpetual astonishment.  -- Ellis Peters
Central Park contains more than 9,000 benches, if you placed
all of the benches end to end, they would stretch 7 miles.
Strawberry Fields is a memorial garden in the park created in honor
of John Lennon.  The famous mosaic with the word "Imagine" was a
gift from the city of Naples, Italy.
Above, "Angel of the Waters" (also known as Bethesda Fountain) was
created by Emma Stebbins, the first woman in New York City
history to receive a sculptural commission.
Spring comes; Nature resumes her loveliness; and the human soul revives.
-- Harriet Jacobs
In the middle of Winter's darkest days, I tell myself that you can’t see Canada
across Lake Erie, but you know it’s there.  It’s the same with Spring.  You have
to have faith that it will come again.  -- Paul Fleischman
Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead
of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the
heart of the night.  -- Rainer Maria Rilke
Spring comes suddenly, bursting upon the world as a child bursts into a room,
with a laugh and a shout and a handful of flowers.  -- Author Unknown
New York City's Central Park stretches over 843 acres and
is larger than the principality of Monaco.