A Squirrel's
A Squirrel's Autumn:  Enjoying the Harvest
The Great Pumpkin Heist...
"Here's the plan...I raid the pumpkin...you be the look-out, okay?"
"Pumpkin?  What pumpkin??
I didn't see any pumpkin.  Maybe the cat took it!"
The Con Job:  "You wouldn't happen to have an extra acorn, would ya'?  
Peanut, cashew...anything would do.  My rainy day stash is a little low."
"Thanks!  You're a real pal.  I'll just eat this
one and squirrel away the next one."
A little cutie, otherwise known as, raider in training.
"Boy, the two pumpkins, pound of acorns and three ears of corn aren't sitting
well.  You wouldn't happen to have a Tums you could spare, would ya'?"
"Oh, sure, I may look like just an
unassuming, mild-mannered squirrel..."
"...but I'm faster than a speeding
bullet, more powerful than a
locomotive, able to leap tall
buildings in a single bound...able
to eat my way through 20-pounds
of sunflower seed before you
remember that you left it
outside the back door!  I'm
Super Squirrel!  And don't
forget it!"
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"This one looks tasty."
"I'm getting full.  I may have to call in a back-up."
"Okay, Pint-Size, you take the front...
while I tackle the interior."