Strength in the Mountains
There's healing in the forest for tired minds, there's strength in the
mountains for overburdened spirits.  Nature is your great restorer.
-- Calvin Coolidge
Most of the photos on this page were taken in Canaima National Park
in Venezuela.  It's the second largest national park in the country
and the sixth largest in the world.  It's the home of Angel Falls,
the highest waterfall in the world.
The unique rock formations found there are called tepuis:  plateaus,
millions of years old, with vertical walls and flat tops.  The sheer
cliffs and dramatic waterfalls create a spectacular landscape.  The
park has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
One has to be alone, under the sky, before everything falls into place.  We have
to have the humility to realize ourselves as part of nature.
-- Thomas Merton
Few are altogether deaf to the preaching of the mountains.
Their sermons go straight to our hearts.  
-- John Muir
Most people wander through life half asleep; the fortunate few who
are really awake, spend every moment of every day in a constant
state of amazement.  
-- Author Unknown
I deem that there are powers which of themselves our minds impress;
That we can feed this mind of ours in a wise and soothing passiveness.
One impulse from quiet wood or churning sea may teach you more of man -
Of moral evil and of good - than all the sages can.  
-- William Wordsworth
There is always music in nature, but our hearts
must be very quiet to hear it.
-- M. Aumonier
Being alive is a common road.  It's what we
notice that makes us different.  
-- Naomi Nye
Moving water has a fascinating vitality.  It has power and grace
- a thousand colors and a thousand shapes.  
-- Roderick Haig-Brown
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