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Whispers - Home
Old New Orleans
Friday's Journal
Recently, my granddaughter and I were about to go outside and play volleyball,
when I remembered a chore I had to do first.  When that was finished, I thought of
still another task that needed my attention.  I sighed and said, "There's always
one more thing to do, isn't there?"
Without hesitation, she replied, "In a way, I guess that's a good thing."
With typical wiser-than-her-years insightfulness, Sarah had reminded me that we should
be grateful for the tasks that require our attention -- grateful to be needed and grateful
to be able to be useful.
Those of you familiar with the children's books or TV series featuring Thomas the
Tank Engine will recall that, when the railway owner, Sir Topham Hatt, wanted to pay
Thomas a compliment, he would always say, "Thomas, you are a very useful engine."
I was happy to be reminded that being useful is a thing to be appreciated.
Not for the first time in Sarah's young life, it occurrred to me to wonder
whether we're given children to teach or to learn from.
--  Nancy
The Teacher
The photos on this page were taken in the regions on the eastern coast of Spain:
Catalonia, Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia; also, the Balearic Islands.
The Teacher

Walk slowly, little one,
and let me walk beside you,
as you see the wonders
you will see.
And I will try to see them
through your eyes...
eyes still fresh
and beauty-seeking.
There is so much
I need to know;
so much I have forgotten.
I remember only
how to look,
I don't remember
how to see.
So let me walk along with you
and share the world you know.
I will be the learner.
You will be the teacher.

-- Jim Metcalf, "In Some Quiet Place"
While we try to teach our children all about life, our children
teach us what life is all about.  
-- Angela Schwindt
Working with children made it abundantly clear to me how much better life as an adult
would be if we used children as a model for how we live our lives.  
-- Kimberla Gamble
Live with children long enough and everything appears in a new light.
-- Piero Ferrucci