I Shall Not Pass This Way Again
~   The photographs on this page were taken in Brazil.   ~
I shall not pass this way again,
Though voices clear in joyous strain
Repeat a jubilant refrain;
Though rising suns their radiance throw
On summer's green and winter's snow
In such rare splendor that my heart
Would ache from scenes like these to part.

I shall not pass this way again,
So let no chance by me be lost
To kindness show at any cost,
Remove some barrier from the road,
Or brighten someone's heavy load;
A helping hand to someone lend,
Then turn, some other to befriend.

O God, forgive that now I live
As if I might some time return
To bless the weary ones that yearn
For help and comfort every day,
For there be such along the way.

O God, forgive that I have seen
The beauty only, have not been
Awake to sorrow such as this;
That I have drunk the cup of bliss,
Remembering not that those there be
Who drink the dregs of misery.

O God, I ask you, let me spend
My strength for others to the end,
For those who tread on rock and stone
And bear their burdens all alone.
A larger kindness give to me,
A deeper love and sympathy;
Then, O, one day, may someone say -
Remembering a lessened pain -
"Would she could pass this way again."

-- Eva Rose York
Photos on this page are courtesy of:
Kepguru, BrazilianBestTrips, MundoEco
The poem on this page is excerpted from Eva Rose Fitch York's "I Shall Not Pass This Way
Again."  Mrs. York (1858-1935) was a Canadian composer, poet, organist, editor, teacher
and minister.  She married Dr. Winford York in 1879.  After his untimely death a year later,
she devoted the rest of her life to the study and composition of music, to teaching and to
church activities, particularly mission work.  Mrs. York  formed a philharmonic society in
Toronto and was editor of a music journal.  She was, also, a church organist, choir leader
and piano, voice and English teacher.  Through her activities in mission work, she began
to devote her time to looking after girls who had become prostitutes, founding a home,
The Redemption House, in Toronto, which she ran for fourteen years.  After that, she spent
fifteen years as an itinerant preacher.  There is a school named after Mrs. York in Tuni,
India, the Eva Rose York Bible Training and Technical School.  An active member of the
Canadian Baptist Mission, she was instrumental in the school's construction.  The
institution is still supported by Canada's United Baptist Women's Missionary Union.
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