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Friday's Journal
The Three Gates
Photos on this page were taken on Mexico's beautiful Baja California Peninsula.
If I am tempted to reveal
A tale someone to me has told
About another,
then let it pass -
Before I speak
- three gates of gold.

Three narrow gates:  First, is it true?
Then:  Is it needful?  In my mind,
Give truthful answer
- and the next
Is last and narrowest:  Is it kind?

And if, to reach my lips at last,
It passes through these gateways three,
I may tell the tale,
and never fear
What the result of speech may be.

-- Beth Day
Photo Credits:, Kepguru, Jigsaw.Planet
Wikimedia.Commons and the following photographers:
TomasCastelazo#1, Tomas Castelazo#2, StanShebs
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