If I am tempted to reveal a tale someone to me has told
About another, before I speak, let it pass three gates of gold,
Three narrow gates:  First, is it true?  Then, is it needful?  In my mind,
Give truthful answer, and the next is last and narrowest:  Is it kind?
And if, to reach my lips at last, it passes through these gateways, three,
Then I may tell the tale, and not fear what the result of speech may be.
-- Beth Day
Plant seeds of beauty and truth, dear heart.  Truth isn't always beautiful, but, in
one way or another, an untruth will inevitably produce ugliness.  
-- Mara McDonald
~  ~  ~
We're too hasty to believe every evil report.  Many an innocent person has been
injured by a tale that was without foundation.  It's a serious matter to do an
injustice to someone by something that we spread.  
-- J. W. Alexander
Within my earthly temple, there's a crowd;
There's one of us who's humble, one who's proud;
There's one who's brokenhearted for his sins,
And one who, unrepentant, sits and grins.
There's one who treats his neighbor as himself;
And one who cares for naught but fame and wealth.
From such vexing troubles I'd be free,
If, just once, I might determine which is me.
-- Author Unknown
The workshop of character is everyday life.  The things that seem trivial and
commonplace, that's where the battle is lost or won.  
-- Mattie Babcock
~  ~  ~
Character is made up of thousands of daily strivings to live up to the best that is in us.
A small action can cause a wide ripple - for the good or for the bad.  
-- A. G. Troudeau
I guess it's human nature to gossip.  People used to do it across the fence when they
were hanging wash.  Now they do it on the internet.  And, like hearing it from your
neighbor, who heard it from her brother, who heard it from his butcher, just
because it lands in your inbox or on a Twitter page, doesn't mean it's true.  As far
as I can see, the main difference is, we can spread rumors faster and do more
damage to more people than when we did it the old-fashioned way.  
-- Dennis Miller
There's a lot that's good and beautiful on the information superhighway.  You can use
the internet for good or ill.  Like anything else, you get out of it what you want to.  
My advice would be, take the beauty and good and leave the rest alone.  If it's
facts and figures you're looking for, then, don't forget you'll have to do some work
to get them right.  Just because information arrives via the superhighway doesn't
mean it's accurate - it only means it gets there faster.  
-- Joseph Connelly
We all know what happens to a rumor that develops life on the worldwide web.  It
circles the earth endlessly and infects every new believer it encounters.  What hasn't
changed in this "new" world is the way people hear or read an account of something and
pass it on without checking to see if it's true.  I suppose I offend my friends when
they forward these kind of things in my direction.  I respond that it isn't true and
they should send it back to whoever sent it to them.  Maybe the internet can run in
reverse and we can unravel the damage that's been done.  I've not seen that happen,
but it's worth a try.  The Bible says that the truth will set us free.  Our obligation is
to make sure that what we're passing on is, indeed, truth.  
-- Rev. Joe McKeever
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