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Waiting for Spring
It's mid-winter and time for a cyberspace visit to a place where the climate is
more in keeping with my warm-weather nature.  These photos are all from
countries in and around the Caribbean Sea: tropical islands, gleaming white
beaches, glittering turquoise seas.  And warm, warm weather.  -- Nancy
Photo Credits:
Most of the photos on this page are from
three of photos came by way of an e-mail forward.
Waiting for Spring:  anticipation nurtures our dreams. -- Barbara Winkler
The shortest day has passed, the days are getting longer.  It takes some
weeks before we're aware of the change.  But the moment comes when,
with a start of delighted surprise, we realize that we can stay out of doors
in a twilight lasting for another quarter of a precious hour.
-- Vita West
Keep your faith in beautiful things:  in the sun when it's hidden,
in Spring when it's not here.  -- Roy Gibson
The color of Spring is in the flowers, the color of Winter is in the
-- Ward E. Hour
All human wisdom is summed up in two words:
wait and hope.  
-- Alexander Dumas