Ghost Whispers
Most of the images on this page were taken in or near Milledgeville, Georgia.  
Unless you're a family researcher with roots that go back to America's early
expanding frontier, this name is probably unfamiliar to you.  But it was from this town,
then the capital of Georgia, that passports to the Indian Nations and points West
were issued to citizens from various states who had business in or beyond the
Creek or Cherokee Nations or the Spanish Provinces or wanted to settle there.  The
passports were issued between 1785-1820 and were necessary because only people
who could persuade the governor of Georgia that they were of good character were
allowed to travel to the Western territories.
These photographs would be hauntingly beautiful no matter where they were taken,
but I can hear the whispers of the ghosts of these abandoned places more clearly,
knowing how many early pioneers walked this land, heading for a new life in a part of
the country that was to them a new world - especially since the ghosts parading
through this particular landscape could be some of my own ancestors, as they set
out on their grand adventure, moving west.  -- Nancy
The past is never dead.  It's not even the past.  -- William Faulkner
I know the laughter and the pain
Of times that will not come again.
--  Sara Teasdale
They are all gone into the world of light, and I alone sit lingering here;
Their very memory is fair and bright, and my sad thoughts do cheer.
-- Henry Vaughan
Every man's memory is his personal literature.  -- Aldous Huxley
Your safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers.  -- Unknown
Footfalls echo in the memory
Down a path which we did not take,
Towards a door we never opened.
--  T. S. Eliot
Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there
is no path and leave a trail.  
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson
Ethereal whispers,
Persuasive, soft and still,
"Daughter, if you don't remember us...
...who will?"
-- Dot Stutter
What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened,
it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the
moment you can choose to make everything new.
-- Unknown
Are you a stranger without even a name,
Enclosed and forgotten behind the glass frame,
In an old photograph, torn and battered and stained
And faded to yellow in a brown leather frame?
-- Eric Bogie
It's one of nature's more curious ways that we often feel closer to distant
generations than to the generation immediately preceding us.
-- Igor Stravinsky