The View from My Window
I used to write a column for the monthly newsletter at the office where I worked.  My column was
called "The View from My Window."  The name held a double meaning, it wasn't only about my
various and sundry views of the world.  It was, also, about my office window.
My window looked out on the parking lot and the parking lot held several massive, ancient, moss-
draped oak trees.  When the stress level got too high, as it frequently did, all I had to do was look out
of the window.  Those beautiful old oaks were more calming than the strongest cup of herbal tea.
The other thing I did when the stress became too much was quit.  I must have quit a couple of
hundred times over the years.  My boss would just smile, pat me on the shoulder and say,
"It'll be better tomorrow."
It usually wasn't, but the truth was, I liked my bosses and the people I worked with more than I disliked
the hectic stress of the job.  So we all knew that the quitting thing wasn't serious.  With one exception:
I told them frequently that if they ever moved me to an office without a window, all bets were off.
And they knew I wasn't kidding.  I loved those oak trees.
When I started putting this page together, I was thinking about those lovely oaks and about windows
with nice, calming views.  (But, then, cats kept appearing, so I finally turned the page over the them!)
I hope the view from your window is a pleasant one, and your day a calm and happy one.
-- Nancy
The photos on this page are from
Ireland, France, Italy, Belgium and Hungary.
If animals could speak, the cat alone would have the
rare grace of never saying a word too much.  
-- Mark Twain
~   ~   ~
The mathematical probability of a cat doing exactly as it
pleases is the one scientific absolute in the world.  
-- Lynn Osband
The main advantage of working at home is that you get
to find out what cats really do all day.  
-- Lynne Truss
~   ~   ~
You can't own a cat.  The best you can
do is be partners.
-- Sir Harry Swanson
Cats seldom interfere with the rights of other creatures.  Their intelligence keeps
them from doing many of the things that complicate life for humans.  
-- Carl Van Vechten
~   ~   ~
As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows,
cats have enormous patience with the limitations of humans.  
-- Cleveland Amory
I put down my book, The Meaning of Zen, and see my cat smiling into her fur.
'Cat, I would lend you this book, but it appears that you have already read it.'
She gives me her full gaze.  'Don't be ridiculous,' she purrs, 'I wrote it.'
-- Dilys Laing
Cats know when people like or dislike them.  They just don't care
enough to do anything about it  
-- Winifred Carriere
~   ~   ~
When cats are inside, they want to be out.  And vice versa.
And often simultaneously.  
-- Louis Camuti
A cat isn't fussy - just so long as you remember that he likes his milk in the shallow
rose-patterned saucer and his fish on the blue plate with the red trim.  
-- Arthur Bridges
~   ~   ~
In certain cultures, thousands of years ago, cats were
worshipped as gods.  Cats have never forgotten this.  
-- Author Unknown
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I have studied many philosophers and many cats and the wisdom of
cats is infinitely superior.  
-- Hippolyte Taine
~   ~   ~
It's impossible to look at a sleeping cat and feel tense.  
-- Jane Pauley