When my granddaughter, Sarah, was a toddler, we had a small slide in our
yard for her. In Autumn, when the leaves started falling, my husband would
gather a big pile of leaves and put them at the bottom of the slide so
she could slide down into them. How she loved doing that. Pure joy

Time passed, and she outgrew the slide, but her PaPa would still gather
leaves for her to jump in. She’d wind up covered with leaves from
head to toe. I think I have a picture of her somewhere,
leaves dangling from her hair and a huge smile on her face.

As we come to a different season, I wish you all the joy of Sarah’s childhood
Autumns and the delight her PaPa and I felt in watching her enjoy them.

If you’re not in a place where joy comes easily to you right now, I hope
that sweet memories of happier times will comfort and sustain you.

— Nancy

There’s a miracle in every new beginning.
— Hermann Hesse

Photos are courtesy of Pixabay

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