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Here you’ll find photography, travelogues, quotations, history, poetry and
pages made with the idea of soothing and inspiring.  I hope you discover
something of interest and that you’ll come back often.
Nancy Brister

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~ Photography ~
~ Quotations ~
~ Poetry ~
~ Inspiration ~

The pages contain landscape
photos, some from various places,
many include pictures from
specific countries or regions.
More locations can be found
in the column on the right.
Most of these are cross-indexed.

Sunshine Days
A Cooler Country
The Ebb and Flow
Spring at Last
Even Though
A Grand Gift
This Amazing Day
New Day
Beautiful Things
Whispers from the Bayou
Taking Beauty with Us
Secret of the Mountains
Playing our Part
A Quiet Life
Hope is a Word
A Difference
Pebbles in a Pond
America’s Corner Attic
Beautiful Places
Our Fragile Home
Best Day of the Year
The Extras
No Ordinary Life
Spirit of the Wilderness
Old Proverbs – The Alps
In the Garden w/ Hamlet & Horatio
Spring Whispers
A Morning in June
Sentimental Journey
Dancing the Skies
Whispers of the Past
Reading Tea Boxes
Quiet Time
Just Outside Your Window
A Single Candle
Nature’s Soothing Balm
Scatter Joy
The Test
The Things We Hold Dear
From the World, with Love
Ghosts of Railroads Past
All the Good
Set Your Course
Eye of the Storm
Green Trees & Red Roses
Whatever Your Fortunes
Between You and Me
Pieced Together
Banks of the Old Pontchartrain
Searching for Winter
The Three Gates
The Storytellers
Home is a Light
Every Hill and Valley
Morning on Cape Cod
Down the Mississippi
Heart and Mind’s Delight
Little by Little
Lights that Guide
The Teacher
Tracks in the Sand
Home to the Highlands
What You Have
Prairie Ghosts
Remembered Dreams: Innisfree
The Road Goes Ever On
The People’s Parks
The Island
The Mending Wall
Heart Memory
A Sense of Place
To the Seas
Where My Steps Have Been
On the Links
A Ride on the Orient Express
Life Notes
Tree Talk
The Quiet Voice
Spring in Central Park
Each and Every Day
Extraordinary Patience
Sense of Wonder
The Road Less Traveled
A Drop in the Ocean
Each Day
Peaceful, Easy Feeling
Sea Change
Safe Harbor
Yesterday’s Sky
Windows of Gold
Along the Path
A Closer Look
All Around Us
Searching for Summer
The House with Nobody In It
Go Placidly
Still Hope
The Brown Paper Bag
The Present Moment
A Home for the Heart
Waiting for Spring
Begin Again
The Bridge Builder
All is Well
Picture This:  Digital Art
A Quiet Moment
Pointing the Way
Living in a Storybook House
Summer Days
To the Beach
Sit Awhile
A Peaceful Silence
September’s Colors
Story of the Starfish
Ralph Waldo Emerson Quotes
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Poems
Strength in the Mountains
Different Drummer
The Weaver
View from My Window
Commonplace to Silver & Gold
The Golden Hour
Hope More
A Thousand Little Things
Where the Horses Go
The Other Side of Doubt
Morning Light
A Good Friend
Write Your Name
Spring:  Bellingrath Gardens
Truth and Beauty
The Builders
The Old Potting Shed
Always June
Miles to Go
The Garden Gate
Welcome, Spring
Ghost Whispers
The Train of Life
A Cottage of My Own
Morning All Over the World
The Simple Life
Sunny Paths on Dreary Days
Simple Abundance
The Greatest Gift
A Friendly House
Childhood Pleasures
A Place in the Sun
A Fence Around Today
Least Alone
The Carousel
Cherry Blossom Time
The Big Cats
Birds of a Feather

~ This and That ~

Under the Big Top
Casey at the Bat
Penguins and Polar Bears
Echoes:  Genealogy Poems
Art Deco Movie Palaces
The Sculptor
Age of the Grand Carousel
Little House
One Day at a Time
Where Does Lost Data Go?
The Land that Made Me Me
Drop a Pebble in the Water
Teach Him Gently
The Sculptor
The Blind Men & the Elephant
My Dad & the Driving Lesson
The Calf Path
The Box
In Praise of Diversity
The Cracked Pot
You Raise Me Up
You Thought I Wasn’t Looking
Build a Strongbox
Grandpa’s Truck
The Storyteller
Trees of Life
How Will You Know

~ Places in the World ~

Just Today:  Portugal
Giving Grace:  Hungary
Sisters of the Heart:  Canada
Scotland:  The Magic that Lingers
A Thousand Reasons:  Costa Rica
Italy:  Playing Our Part
Iceland:  A Difference
England:  A Quiet Life
National Parks Around the Worl Spirit
National Parks Around the World Hope
Dreaming of the Hebrides
El Salvador & Honduras:  Overcoming
Guatemala:  One Joy
Land of Castles:  Wales
The Hebrides:  Sometimes
Older Than Time:  Lebanon
Sentimental Journey:  Canary Islands
Green Fields of Ireland
Egypt:  An Antique Land
Sunny Side of the Alps
Canada & U.S.:  Whispers of the Past
England:  The Test
Green Trees & Red Roses
Heart and Soul:  Puerto Rico
Apulia, Italy:  The Unforgotten Song
Estonia, Lithuania & Latvia:  Single Candle
Brazil:  Set Your Course
Switzerland:  Nine-Tenths of Wisdom
Canada:  All the Good
Mexico:  Three Gates
Greek Isles:  The Things That Are
Iceland:  Land of Fire and Ice
The Isle of Innisfree, Ireland
Acadian Dreams:  Nova Scotia
From the World, with Love
Morocco:  The Blue Pearl
Philippines:  The Storytellers
3 Pages of Regions of Italy:
Coast of the Rising Sun: Northern Regions
A Day in Tuscany:  Central Regions
So Much Good:  Southern Regions
Southwestern England:  The Road
Coastlines of the North Sea
Spain:  Things We Hold Dear
A Light:  Finland
Eastern Coast of Spain
Heart of the Emerald Isle
The Black Sea:  Whatever Your Fortunes
Sicily:  Home for the Heart
Ile-de-France Region of France
Ireland: Shouts & Whispers
This Day:  Vancouver Island, Canada
Northumberland, England
Canada: Coast to Coast
Lighthouses of Ireland
Casablanca: As Time Goes By
Scottish Highlands
By the Side of the Highway of Life: Hungary
Tea in an English Garden
Norway: A Drop in the Ocean
Each & Every Day:  Belarus & Poland
By the Sea:  Tunisia
Greenland:  Road Less Traveled
Life Notes: Pembrokeshire, Wales
Peaceful Feeling: Aran Isles, Ireland
Wonder: Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands
Croatia: WIndows of Gold
Colors of Burano, Italy
Banishing Cares: Santorini Island
Fields of Provence
Spain: In Search of Beauty
Norway: You Never Can Tell
Norway: Whisper of the Wind
Western Cape, South Africa
Belgium and Hercule Poirot
Mending Wall:  Ireland
Lost City:  Machu Picchu
Road to Giverny: Land of Monet
Excellence: Alsace-Lorraine, France
Ireland:  Shades of Green
Town Without Roads —
— Giethoorn, Netherlands
Idyllic:  The Balearic Islands
Home to Dear Old Erin
Along the Irish Coast
Mountains of Venezuela
Intimations: Faroe Islands, Denmark
Place of Dreams:  Amalfi, Italy
By the Sea:  Cornwall, England
Moments: Inner & Outer Hebrides
Across the Sound to Jura, Scotland
Journey to the Center: Sweden
For Today: St. Petersburg, Russia
England: Immeasurable
The Heart of Old England
Haunted Castles of Ireland
Snowdonia, Wales
Bolivia: Walking on the Sky
Brazil: Passing This Way
Write Your Name: Romania/Hungary
Petra:  A Rose-Red City
The Emerald Isle
Windmills of the World
Windmills of Kinderdijk
Baltic States: Pointing the Way
Big Picture:  Eastern France
Yesterday’s Sky:  Western France
Le Bretagne, France
Top of the World: Tibet & Nepal
Doors of Dublin
Castles of Scotland
Last Sunday in England
Village Life: U.K. and France
Relics of Joy:  Greek Islands
Hungary: A Rare Contentment
Land of Green Gables
A Fine Light:  The Hebrides
The Pyrenee
Pictures of Tuscany
Land of Mystery:  Crimea
Red Houses: Wales, Sweden, Norway
Beauty of the Swiss Alps
Photos of Switzerland
The Tree: Photos from the U.K.
Toll Houses of the UK

~ America / Americana ~

Louisiana:  Whispers from the Bayou
California Coast:  Taking Beauty with Us
Chautauqua County, NY:  Pebbles
Oregon & Washington:  America’s Attic
Missouri & Arkansas:  The Ozarks
Michigan:  The Quiet Voice
North Carolina’s Outer Banks:  Tea Boxes
Earth’s Eye:  Lake Michigan
Louisiana:  Eye of the Storm
Georgia on My Mind
Pennsylvania:  Scatter Joy
2 Pages: A Photo from Every U.S. State:
Page 1:  Pieced Together
Page 2:  Between Me and You
Banks of the Old Pontchartrain
Washington State: Every Hill & Valley
Down the Mississippi
The Gulf Coast
U.S. National Parks
New Jersey:  Little by Little
Land of Shimmering Light: New Mexico
Rhode Island: Extraordinary Patience
The Dakotas
California Dreams
Tracks:  SC & NC Barrier Islands
Searching for Summer:  Florida
Land of Enchantment:  New Mexico
All Around Us:  Louisiana Scenes
Where the Heart Is:  Louisiana Photos
Spring in Texas Hill Country
Kentucky Morning
Great Lakes’ Lighthouses
Tree Talk:  Wyoming
Washington, D.C.:  Capital Beauty
Chesapeake Bay
Bienvenue en Louisiane
Morning on Cape Cod
Missouri:  The Ozarks
Work of the Ages: The Grand Canyon
The House: Maine
Maine:  Mr. Rockefeller’s Roads
High Hopes:  Images of Hawaii
Heart of the Smokies
Houses of Cape May
Oregon and Washington
Try Again: Napa Valley, CA
Louisiana: A Cherished Way of Life
South Beach, Florida’s Art Deco
Red Rocks of Colorado
Ridin’ on the City of New Orleans
Vintage Postcards of the MS Gulf Coast
Vintage Postcards of Taney County, MO
Images of Old Cape Cod, MA
Ghosts of the Old Highway
Another Time
Barn Quilts
Other Days:  Old Barns in Winter
Old Barns:  Echoes & Shadows
There is a Place:  Barns of Oklahoma
Romance of Old Barns
Covered Bridge: The Bridge Builder
Covered Bridges: Bridge to the Past
Covered Bridges: Back to the Past
Old Mills: Keepsake Mill
Old Mills: Song of Yesterday
The Mother Road: Rt. 66
Ghosts of School Days Past
The Old General Store
Vintage Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola Recipes
I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke
American Spiritual:  Down in the River
Meet Me at the Fair

~ Pets ~

The Louisiana Catahoula
Sweet Dreams:  Dogs & Cats & Naps
Come Home To Be With Me
Precious and Dear
The Heartbeat at My Feet
My Faithful Friend
Horses:  The Magic Link
Where the Horses Go
Cats:  View from My Window
Wag of the Tail
A Few Thoughts
I Love Dogs!
I Love Dogs! 2

~ Bits of History ~

Pilgrims and Strangers
Pilgrim Town:  Marshfield, MA
Pilgrim English Ancestral Homes
Old Winslow Burying Ground
Paying Tribute
The Romantic Story of The Mayflower
The Mayflowers & Plimoth Plantation
Milledgeville: Georgia’s Old Statehouse &
Passports to the Western Territory
Old Photos of Milledgeville Homes
Early American Homes
Colonial Currency
Yesterday’s Kitchen
Ghost Whispers
Old Dutch Graveyards of New York
Photos of Richmond, NC
History of Richmond County, NC
Photos-History: Orange County, NC
Western Wagons
The Brilliance of Currier & Ives
Tales of the Old West
MS Outlaws, Rascals & Ruffians
USCW Battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks

Old New Orleans

Nancy’s Journal

G-Grandfather’s Attic  (Genealogy Site)