Images of the Mayflower and Plimoth Plantation
"The Wind Freshens"  an original painting by Dr. Mike Haywood of Cornwall, England
Dr. Haywood wrote:  "At this time, 383 years ago, the Mayflower's fortunes were changing once again.  
After leaving Plymouth, England, the first days of the voyage had passed with good winds and gently
rolling seas.  But now the black clouds to the North began to lumber heavily across the sky and the
weather deteriorated rapidly.  William Bradford described the event as follows: 'After they had enjoyed
fair winds and weather for a season, they were encountered many times with cross winds.....' "
Mayflower II,  Full-size reproduction exhibited at Plimoth
Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts
The following images are from the Plimoth Plantation.  Interpreters portraying settlers of 1627
Plymouth Colony go about the daily chores of the season.  Dressed in reproduction period
clothing and speaking the dialect of their character's home region, interpreters take on the roles
of actual inhabitants of the colony
Training day
Wampanoags gather in a wetu,
Hobbamock's homesite is one of the exhibits.
Plymouth's Burial Hill
The site of a Pilgrim fort; later Gov. Bradford
and other Pilgrims were buried here.
To see more of Dr. Haygood's beautifully detailed paintings, go to his website: