People and Places
of the Old West
Bill Drennan, Indian Scout and
companion of Kit Carson, ca 1880
Blacksmith shop, Forest Grove, Oregon
The William T. Douglas party,
including Navajos and Patiutes
Illustration: An 1840 Whig campaign print showing William
Henry Harrison greeting a wounded veteran.  The cabin flies an
American flag with the words "Harrison and Tyler."  The
caption reads:  "This log cabin was the first building erected
on the North Bend of the beautiful Ohio River, with the barrel of
cider outside and the door always open to the traveler.  The
wounded soldier is one of Gen. Harrison's comrades meeting
him after his celebrated victory at Tippecanoe, and not only
does the brave hero give his comrade a hearty welcome, but
his dog recognizes him as an old acquaintance and repeats
the welcome by a cordial shake of his tail.  If the looker-on will
only watch close enough and the picture is held due east and
west, he can feel the power of the magnetic attraction of the
Great West."  (A reference to Harrison's support in the
western part of the country.)
Saloons in Hazen, Nevada, 1905
Main street of Corrine, Utah, ca 1875
Illustration: one scout points out tracks to
another scout of Gen. Miles, enroute to
the Cheyenne reservation, 1885
Cheyenne, Wyoming on the Oregon Trail
Scout, Nez Perce
Canteen at Ft. Keogh, Montana, 1892
Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1866
Scout, Atsina, 1908
Illustration: soldier looking at Indian camp with
binoculars from hill, with Indian Scout and another
soldier, 1885
Deadwood, Dakota Territory,
during the gold rush, 1876
Clifton, Arizona,
town jail, 1881
Illustration: Indian Scouts on
Geronimo's trail, 1886
Arizona cowboys at lunch during a round-up, 1907
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Wild West Show Poster, 1893