Goin' West.....by Way of the River

On the Shore

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Sitting Bull's camp, Missouri River can be seen in background.
Crews surveying the Missouri, aboard their living quarters (which aren't
exactly 'on the shore,' but close enough! :-)
A freight wagon ready to leave Fort Benton in the 1870's.
Hotel wagon waits for guests outside of
a hotel in Bismarck, Dakota Territory.
Bellevue, a compound of traders' cabins and shorehouses near
present-day Council Bluff, Iowa; painting by Karl Bodmer, 1810.
Winter was a dull time for the trappers, traders and cowboys, who had to
devise ways, such as the never-ending card game, to pass the time.
Main Street, Vermillion, Dakota Territory.  Between April and
October, 1865, thirty-seven steamboats full of migrants (and
hundreds more who came overland) traveled up the Missouri
River and settled on the great central plains.