Old Toll Houses of the UK
When we approach a toll booth at a bridge or turnpike today, it's hard to imagine that, instead, there were
once toll houses, where the toll house keeper and his family lived.  Preservationists in the United Kingdom
have done excellent work in saving many of these historic houses.  In the photos above, we see two views
of the Stanton Drew Turnpike toll house in North East Somerset, Great Britain; the photo on the right was
taken in the early 1900's.  There's still a hook by the front door that once held a pouch where coach
drivers used to place their toll money.
Toll house at the River Perry, Shrewsbury, Great Britain
The following five sketches were drawn in 1909 by S. Adye.  They represent toll
houses in the vicinity of the town of Swindon in southwest England.
Toll house at St. Fagans, Wales
Toll house at Findon, West Sussex, Great Britain, ca. 1973
At the River Aire, Ferrybridge,
West Yorkshire, Great Britain
Toll house at Somerset, Great Britain
Calver, Derbyshire, Great Britain
Above, toll house at the River Menalhyl, Cornwall,
Great Britain;  right, toll house at Crieff, Scotland.
Caergeiliog on Anglesy, North Wales
Above, Gwalchmai, North Wales;
right, Holyhead, North Wales
Terriers Village, Buckinghamshire, Great Britain