Yesterday's Sky
The photos on this page are all from the western regions of France:  Brittany, Upper-
and Lower-Normandy, North-Calais, Aquitaine, Pays-de-la-Loire and Poitu-Charentes.
There was a rainbow in the sky early this morning,
I saw it from my porch, as I went out to pick up the paper.
But, if it had not been pointed out to me,
I probably would never have noticed...
For I would not have been looking at the sky,
But downward at the newspaper, intent on finding out
Who'd been killed or accused, or what train derailed,
Or whether the golf tournament would be on TV.
It occurred to me that we don't look skyward much anymore,
Unless the weather is noisy or there's a jet screaming by.
I remembered how sky-watching was once a way of life
On warm, summer nights, before TV or air conditioning,
And people used to sit outside and talk,
When families still had a lot to talk about and share.
The faces would inevitably turn upward toward the sky
To see the stars and the moon.
We'd talk about the Milky Way and how many miles away it was,
And how small man was in comparison to the universe.
But it's hard now to even find a place to watch the stars...
It was different in the hush of quiet summer evenings,
With the sound of familiar voices speaking softly,
When the foreverness of yesterday's sky was all around,
Street lights get in your eyes and buildings in your way.
And now that man has touched the moon,
It doesn't seem as magical as it did when it was unattainable.
In the face of beauty and wonderment seen through
The eyes of childhood and the fragile veil of innocence.
-- Jim Metcalf
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