In Memory of the Union and Confederate Participants
of the
Battle of Seven Pines/Fair Oaks
Henrico County, VA
May 31 - June 1, 1862
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Members of the 12th Miss Infantry, Co. A, Charley Clark's Rifles
To see a photograph of Company A's Battle Flag, click

Members of Company A, Charley Clark's Rifles, 12th MS Infantry, were from Copiah County and the Scottish settlement of Union
Church in neighboring Jefferson County, Mississippi.  My ancestor, Josiah Garrett, was among them (photos below).  Following
is the roster for Company A, 12th MS Infantry; this list was in Josiah's wallet at the time of his death, 66 years after
the Battle of Seven Pines.  My family names are in red.   Nancy Brister

John J. McLean, Captain;  John D. Fairley, 1st Lieutenant;  Thomas C. McNair, 2nd Lieutenant;  John M. Gillis, 3rd Lieutenant;
James M. Freeman, 1st Sargeant;  John James McLean, 2nd Sargeant;  Allen F. McLean, 3rd Sargeant;  Edward A. Buckley,
4th Sargeant;  W. A. Cato, 5th Sargeant;  W. B. Buckelew, 1st Corporal;  James N. Clar, 2nd Corporal;  John R. Henderson,
3rd Corporal;  A. J. Short, 4th Corporal
Josiah Garrett;  Jacob Garrett;  David Garrett;  Evander Carmichael;  Daniel  Washington  McCormick;  Duncan Franklin  
B. L. Applewhite;  Davis Applewhite;  J. Applewhite;  G. L. Applewhite;  R. R. Applewhite;  Daniel Coleman;  S. J.
Calender; James F. Torry;  John N. Pritchard;  Robert Stewart;  Thomas P. Stewart;  W. R. Nevils;  Francis McQueen;  
Davis Erwin;  C. C. Erwin;   Hezekiah Erwin;  Abraham Short;  Elijah Short;  Ferdinand Krauss;  W. W. Newsome;  D. P. Fairley;
William Ferguson;  James C. Herring;  Parous Glover;  Nathaniel Watson;  John Baker;  James Leonard;  Pitt M. Littleton;
D. H. Guice;  H. S. McCallum;  
John A. Galbreath;  Elijah Mullins;  William Mullins;  A. J. Moore;  James R. Ray;  David Smith;
Henry P. Boaden;  Frederick Bessonett;  Daniel C. Stanton;  A. J. Davis;  W. L. Cheshire;  B. F. Robinson;  Jacob Holden;
S. D. Smith;  James A. McCugal;  Aaron W. Brown;  
T. J. Hamilton;  Goldsberry Robinson;  W. J. Kelly;  Robert H. Watson;
G. M. Guess;  J. W. Pr    ;  Franklin Allen;  B. B. Headrick;  D. D. Brown;  Thomas Keaton;  
W. W. King;  A. K. King;  J. M. King;
R. W. Radford;  S. J. Guelmanot;  Will Barrister;  Pearse Irving;  J. L. Vaughn;  John D. Trout;  William Otto;  T. B. Casey;  J. M.
Zackery;  A. Kemp;  Z. L. Davis;  B. Shorefew;  Lowery Devlin;  C. C. Carpente;  rH. C. Strickland;  Thomas James;  Alex David; B.
Hyman;  Augusta Cobb;  G. B. Adville;  Will H. Clark;  John Patterson;  Charley Shub;  George Andings;  James Odouvell;  Isaac

Members of this Company who signed the surrender at Appomattox on April 9, 1865 were:
Sgt. D. W. McCormick, Pvt. W. W. King, Pvt. A. K. King, Pvt. J. M. King, Pvt. Evander J. Carmichael, Pvt. Strickland
Contributor  Martha -------, shared the following details about her g-g-grandfather, Thomas
William Fristoe:
Battle of Seven Pines Index            List of Regiments
L to R:  Josiah Garrett and brothers,
David and Jacob Garrett, abt. 1925;
all 3 were present at the Battle
of Seven Pines.
Tombstone of Josiah Garrett,
Union Church Cemetery, Jefferson County, MS
Tombstone of Evander Carmichael, my g-g-uncle;
Gillet Cemetery, Gillet, Karnes County, Texas
With thanks to Buddy Engelhorn for contributing this information about his G-Grandfather,
Julius Jacob Engelhorn, and with appreciation for all of the knowledge and material he's
shared with so many researchers about the 12th MS Infantry Regiment.
Julius Jacob Engelhorn was a Pvt, Company D, 12th Miss Infantry.  He enlisted
at Hazlehurst, MS on March 11, 1861.  He fought in all the major battles of The
Army of Northern Virginia under General Robert E. Lee.
 He was captured August 21, 1864, on the Weldon Railroad, near Globe Tavern,
along with over 100 men of his Regiment and was sent to Poiont Lookout, MD
POW Camp, where he remained until May 13th, 1865.
 He, also, received a gunshot wound to the head on July 17th, 1863 and was
sent to Chimborazo Hospital #5 at Richmond, VA.  He returned to active duty on
August 17th, 1863.
 After the War, J. J. Engelhorn married
Victoria P. Hales and resided in McComb,
MS.  They had 8 children and later moved to New Orleans, LA, where he died on
July 19th, 1891.  He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery at the end of Canal Street
where Canal Boulevard begins.
Contributor, Winnette Stinson, shared this information about two brothers in
the 6th AL Inf Reg who both died in the Battle of Seven Pines.
George W. Armstrong, 1st Lt, Co A, 6th AL Inf Reg:  George Washington Armstrong was born 9/16/1830,
Cumberland County, NC;  d. May 31, 1862 at the Battle of Seven Pines.  He was the son of William Armstrong,
b. 1/18/1784, Cumberland County, NC;  d. 12/9/1864, Henry County, AL;  m. 3/30/1815, Cumberland County, NC,
to Mary Ann King, b. 12/24/1795, Cumberland County, NC;  d. 5/6/1870, Henry County, AL.  George never
married and had no issue.  He enlisted in Columbia, AL.

Augustus M. Armstrong, Pvt, Co A, 6th AL Inf Reg:  Augustus Marion Armstrong was born in 1837, Henry
County, AL; died 5/31/1862 at the Battle of Seven Pines.  Augustus enlisted in Columbia, AL in 1861 on the
original roster of the Columbia Blues.
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More information about the Armstrong family:
Of the four brothers who served, two died at Seven Pine (above).  One, Farquherd Campbell Armstrong, Pvt.
Co. I, 46th AL Inf: b. 1/7/1841, Henry County, AL, d. 11/3/1862, at Blains Cross Roads, TN.  One, Andrew J.
Armstrong, 1st Lt, 46th AL Inf: b. 1835, was captured and was one of "The Immortal 600."

With thanks to Don Tillotson, whose wife, Andrea, is the g-g-granddaughter of A. J.
Armstrong, for sharing this additional info.
The following information was contributed by Kevin Spargur concerning his g-g-uncle.
My G-G-Uncle, George Dennard, a private in Co B, 14th GA Inf, was wounded in the Battle of Seven Pines and
later died of those wounds.  I had ancestors in both Co B, 14th GA and Co A, 49th GA Inf who were present at the
Battle of Seven Pines.

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Contributor, Burt McKenzie, shared this information about his 2-g-grandfather.
My 2-G-Grandfather, Montford Stokes McKenzie, a Sargeant in Co B, 2nd NC Troops, "Scotch Irish Grays," from
Rowan County, NC fought in the Battle of Seven Pines.  He was killed in 1862.

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The following was contributed by Beth, whose 3-g-grandfather died at Seven Pines.
My 3-G-Grandfather, Pvt. Jacob T. [probably Thomas] Thompson, died at the Battle of Seven Pines.  He was a
member of Co I, 27th GA Inf, "Appling Grays."  Most of the men in this company were from Appling County, GA.  
Family legend says, "He died in a ditch of blood."

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Tomb of Julius Jacob Engelhorn,
Greenwood Cemetery, New Orleans, LA;
participant at Battle of Seven Pines
This information and photograph were contributed by Paula Kelley Ward.
My 2-G-Granfather, Joseph Pedigo Kelley, died of wounds he
received in the Battle of Seven Pines.  Pvt. Kelley, of Floyd
County, VA, enrolled in Co A, 24th VA Inf Reg on March 12,
1862, at Floyd Court House.  He was wounded in the Battle of
Seven Pines on May 31, 1862 and sent to Staunton Hospital.  
He died on December 12, 1862, at home in Floyd County, VA.

E-Mail Paula
Pvt. Joseph Pedigo Kelley,
Floyd County, Virginia
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Pvt. Fristoe was killed in action on the first day of the Battle of Seven Pines.  He was
assigned to Company D, 49th VA Infantry   Please contact Martha for more details on
Thomas Fristoe's family.

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