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Old New Orleans
Friday's Journal
So Much Good
This is the third and final page in a series on the regions of Italy.  The first two were
devoted to Northern and Central Italy.  This page features the Southern regions:  Molise,
Campania, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily.  The Campania region is especially
well represented (including the Amalfi Coast, the island of Capri and Naples), and I
did a special search for Sicily, the homeland of so many of my New Orleans friends'
ancestors.  I grew up feasting on the Sicilian food of our neighbors, who loved to cook
and loved to share.  I may not have any Italian ancestors, but I have to believe that
Sicily found its way into my DNA by osmosis!  And I'm much the better for it.
-- Nancy
The title of this page comes from the poem, "One of These Days" (a poem I've
always admired), which you'll find further down - and, also, from the verse
pictured at the bottom of the page.  I found this quote a very long time
ago and, though I've misplaced, tossed out or given away many, many things
in all the years since, I've somehow mananged to keep track of this little
verse of simple (but wise!) words.
One of These Days

Say!  Let's forget it!  Let's put it aside!
Life is so large and the world is so wide.
Days are so short and there's so much to do,
What if it's false - there's plenty that's true.
Say!  Let's forget it!  Let's brush it away
Now and forever, so, what do you say?
All of the bitter words said could be praise...
...One of these days.

Say!  Let's forget it!  Let's wipe off the slate,
Find something better to cherish than hate.
There's so much good in the world that we've had,
Let's strike a balance and cross off the bad.
Say!  Let's forgive it, whatever it be,
Let's not be slaves, when we ought to be free.
We'll no doubt be walking in sunshiny ways...
...One of these days

Say!  Let's not take it so sorely to heart!
Hates may be friendships just drifted apart,
So let's never mind it, however it seems,
Hope is so sweet and holds so many dreams.
Say!  Let's get closer to somebody's side,
See what his dreams are and learn how he tried,
See if our scoldings won't give way to praise...
...One of these days

-- James W. Foley
A famous actor once said that if he was remembered as being
good and kind, that would be the highest compliment.  This
page is dedicated to the memory of Kathy Landry, who is sadly
missed by family, friends and co-workers - by everyone who
knew her.  Kathy was truly a very good and very kind lady.
Kathy Landry