Photos, History and Genealogy:
Orange County, North Carolina
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Vintage Photos of Orange County

Vintage Photos of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Orange County Gazatteer of 1886

Chapel Hill Gazetteer of 1886

Hillsboro Gazetteer of 1886

The Influenza Epidemic of 1918

Map of Land Holdings/Owners, Little River Area, late 1700's
Map of Contiguous Farms/Owners, Little River Area, late 1700's

A Listing of Land Owners in Orange County, 1886

The Legend of Dromgoole Rock

History of the Village of Carrboro, NC

History and Photos of Some Orange County Churches

Little River Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Some Marriages of Orange County

Political Officials, 1752 - 1952

Regulator Movement in Orange County

Some Towns in Orange County

A Listing of Seniors in 1860:  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

My Baldridge and Turrentine Families of Orange County